What is Preventive Maintenance and its importance?

When a piece of equipment is working well, routine maintenance is avoided, thinking that, if it is intervened, it may no longer perform as required or impact production processes. However, waiting until it fails will result in more costly and complicated repairs that affect productivity.
The best way to avoid unexpected damage is to implement preventive maintenance plans for equipment. Routine scheduled tasks prevent a minor problem from becoming a major problem, avoiding replacement costs, unplanned downtime impacts, and increasing productivity and workplace safety.


What is preventive maintenance?

Preventive maintenance is maintenance that is performed on a routine basis to reduce the possibility of equipment failure and improve equipment performance. These tasks are performed when the equipment is operational and functioning, before a failure occurs. The objective of preventive maintenance is to identify early signs of inadequate behavior and/or defects to minimize the risk of unscheduled failures and reduce the need for corrective maintenance.

Performing these types of replacement tasks, component adjustments, in a timely manner, is the best way to protect the investment and avoid unplanned downtime.


How often should the equipment be maintained?

Two important variables must be considered when determining the required frequency of maintenance: time and equipment usage.

Preventive maintenance tasks, in terms of time, are performed at established time intervals, outside of normal working hours. Depending on the type of equipment, this may mean weekly, biweekly, monthly or annual scheduled maintenance inspections.

Usage-based preventive maintenance refers to tasks that are performed according to the frequency of use of the equipment.  This type of maintenance focuses on the active hours of your equipment and other variables to consider, such as production cycles.


Comprehensive maintenance services

At ATTSAS, we seek to be your equipment and service provider, within a long-term relationship, where you can count on our commitment to accompany you so that your profitability is maintained and grows.
We can design a maintenance program according to your specific needs and objectives. From design to implementation, you will have an ally and its team. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

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