We offer a 24 hour service 7 days a week where we will attend all your needs and in which the client can access any of the services mentioned below.

Preventive and Service Operations

Preventive Maintenance

This type of maintenance is characterized by giving continuous attention to the equipment, verifying that it is performing optimally, under quality standards and in accordance with the manufacturer’s manual.

24/7 Emergency Service

24 hours a day, 7 days a week emergency care for your equipment in the event of an emergency.

Maintenance Service Packages

We offer 3 maintenance service packages (regular, bi-monthly and quarterly) in which you can access all the services we offer.

Remote Monitoring

We offer 24/7 monitoring and supervision in which you can access the current status of your equipment from anywhere, this will show us that the equipment is working properly, that critical structures are in order and prevent long periods of downtime.

Consumable Replacement

It helps to prevent possible failures and instability in the operation of the equipment, at the same time it allows us to avoid the costs of prolonged downtime of the machine and in case of needing repair, we use the original spare parts.

Battery Care

We perform maintenance, supervision and replacement if necessary, as a way of prevention and durability of your equipment.

Inspection and Testing Visit

An analysis of the environment is made and it is verified with our experts that it is the adequate space for the equipment, where it is safe and promotes its good performance and at the same time where it meets the different quality standards.


Your equipment, regardless of the brand, will have access to all our services and we will provide a comprehensive service that preserves your equipment with the best quality.

Fuel Tank Cleaning

We offer specialized service in fuel tank cleaning using professional procedures as well as the appropriate instrumentation. It is of vital importance to perform this type of cleaning in the tanks to guarantee the quality of the fuel, removing impurities that may affect it.

Drinking Water Tank Cleaning

In addition to offering services in electrical engineering, we also offer drinking water tank washing services with specialized instruments, as well as trained personnel for the execution of the tasks.

Measurement and Analysis

Power Quality Audit

We provide a supervision and verification of the operation of your machine, as well as a diagnosis of the equipment in order to prevent future damage and improve its efficiency.

Thermal Imaging

Our diagnosis is characterized by its integrity and efficiency, this is due to the thermal imaging technique that allows us to identify radiation that could be affecting the equipment, this is a non-invasive diagnosis that allows us to give an accurate result of the state of the equipment without affecting it structurally.

Electrical Metering Plan

We will be in charge of providing a diagnosis with focused results so that your equipment can provide an optimal service by making the respective measurements to meet the proposed objectives.


Continuous Improvement Approach

Our team of specialized technicians is in charge of maintenance and constant checking, including analysis, measurements and field service to guarantee the correct functioning of your equipment, this will help you to reduce costs and guarantee the useful life of your machine.

End-of-Life Management

We are in charge of providing advice, support and management at the moment when your equipment is in the final phase of its useful life; we help you with this process making sure that it presents the least inconveniences to guarantee the continuous production of your business without interruptions.

Product Renewal

We know that when any of your equipment reaches the end of its useful life we must replace it with a new product. We will take care of facilitating this change, offering the best options in terms of equipment or working with the equipment you want; we also accompany and advise you throughout the process for the improvement of your business and your equipment.